Observations - Climanalyse

In this section, we developped two kind of display information using all stations from the Second Generation of Homogenized Temperature dataset (Vincent and al. 2012).To plot the climatological monthly mean and the corresponding time serie of any station, first select the frequency and then select a marker on the interactive map bellow.
Second tool display analysis trend over all stations. For each station and different time period (1951-2017,1961-2010, 1971-2010, 1981-2010 and 1988-2017), we calculated trends using Mann-Kendall test (Von Storch, 1995; Yue and Wang, 2002) with pre-whitening to correct any autocorrelation in the data. To display trends, select a frequency, a trend period and a temperature variable. Only signigicant trends (90%) will be displayed.