Projections - Climanalyse

In this section, the user can display the climate change values for municipalities closed to Environnement Canada stations. For each station, we computed the interannual anomaly over 1971-2000 and 2011-2100 periods compared with normal 1971-2000 by finding the four nearest neighbouring grid points from Regional Climate Model from CORDEX-NAM44 . In future condition, we used 6 simulations with rcp4.5 scenario and 9 simulations with rcp8.5 scenario. In historical condition, we used 9 simulations.
To display climate change projection, first select a frequency and variable and then click on a maker in the map bellow.


The diagram shows the change in minimum and maximum temperature (°C) during the years 1971-2000 and 2011-2100 compared with normal 1971-2000. The blue line shows the ensemble mean of 6 RCM (Regional Climate Model) with RCP4.5 scenario . The red line shows the ensemble mean of 9 RCM (Regional Climate Model) with RCP8.5 scenario . The grey line shows the ensemble mean of 9 RCM (Regional Climate Model) under historical condition.
The user can download the graph by clicking on the top right icon and can zoom on graphic by scroling with mouse.